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Subject: Family-Fantasies-FulfilledDisclaimer-This story is only half truth. Names and Locations have been
changed for the safty of all participants. All the participants are
presently of legal age though some are not in this story. It contains
sexual acts including MMF, MF Incest, Anal, DP, Oral, and Homosexual acts
if you are offended by this material or are not of legal age (18/21
depending where you are) please press the ever important back button on
your browser and go to a more appropriate website...or not...quite frankly
I couldnt give 2 shits.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
By Timber Wolf Exausted from the heat of the blazing sun John made his way home
from the gym. Usually the temperature did not get so high lilittle lolitas teen art where he was but
today the humidity was just awful. John was a stunningly attractive boy of 14years. He had brown hair
which he grew to about 2inches, a very tanned and muscular body due to his
regular visits to the gym and the tanning bed in his basement and hazel
eyes you could stare at for ten seconds and it would seem like an
eternity. He hit puberty at age 12 which he thought was quite early and to
this day he was still a virgin, (though he didnt know how soon that would
change), which to him seemed unatural and embarasing. As John hit his street he realized that Jerry's car was at his
house. That did not strike him as odd seeing as Jerry WAS Sally's boyfriend
for the last 3years. John had always felt a slight sexual attraction
towards Jerry but did not know what it was at the time. John continued down
the street until he reached his steps. John decdided to surprise them so he used the sliding back door
because the front made a horrible squeak when opened. John got inside,
completly taken over by the initial blast of the AC. He quietly removed his
shoes jacket and hat and swiftly moved toward the stairs. As he quietly crept up the stairs he could here quiet moans. John
was not nieve towrds sex and knew what was going on, he was instanly
curious because he had never seen two people having sex in real life (but
he had seen a few of his dads pornos) so he moved toward his sister
bedroom. He noticed the door cracked a bit, he susposed they didnt expect
him home till his usual time in around half an hour. He peered through the crack in the door and saw something he didnt
expect. Howard was sitting on the bed with his sisters unmistakable blonde
head moving swiftly up and down in his lap with Jerry taking up the end
plowing his sisters visibly wet cunt. Howard was also a quite attractive guy. He was a black 16 year old
boy whom John was on a "hello" basis with, he had black hair which he did
in a cornroll fasion. He was very muscular and from what John had learned
no more then 10seconds ago he had a very nice looking cock and it looked
about 10inches from what John could make out with his sisters head bobbing
up and down on it. Jerry was a white 19year old, he was blonde and was also pretty
muscular being the former graduated capitan of Johns highschool basketball
team. Howard was now the capitain. Oh how John wished he could see Jerrys
cock. John realized he had the biggest hard on stretching the fabric of
his denim jeans, John was getting turned on by his 16 year old sster
getting fucked by these to guys. Johns sister Sally was very attractive
getting her looks from his father. She was around 5'8 and she was quite fit
due to her nightly walks. She had an amazing tanned body with her tight
ass, shaved pussy and her 34D cup tits. John wished he could fuck his siter
ever since he was 13 and accidentally saw her naked when she was coming out
of the shower. He had gotten himself off many time before picturing her
naked. By now he had pulled 5 10 lolitas preteen
out his 6inch cock and was furiously beating
on it watching his sister being fucked...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Come on Jerry FUCK MY PUSSY!" Sally managed to shout out in
between her licks of Howards 11inch cock, "Ram my cunt babe! I need it bad!
I've been a naughty girl" she went back to gently licking the tip of
Howards cock and then plunging her head on it. What she really wanted was both of them to double fuck her and to
be sucking her brothers cock right now. 3 guys. That would send her over
the edge. How many times had she fingered herself outside her brothers room
watchig him jack off to his dirty videos full of guys fucking the shit
outta girls? She desperatly wanted his 6inch cock inside her. As she turned her head to look at Jerry taking her from behind she
saw a movment out side her room. She realized what it was. John was
watching her outside. AND HE WAS JACKING OFF! This was something that
really got her going. little nude lolitas gallery Was her little brother getting off to her gettig
fucked? In any case desided she to give him a show. "OK, guys! Now i want you both down there!" "You mean like...me in your ass while your boyfriend takes your
sweet cunt?" Howard asked stupidly. "No meant that you both go downstairs and get us pepsi...of coarse
I meant both you fucking me!" So with that her and Jerry moved onto the bed and Jerry laid on his
back. She was really doing it so she would be able to watch her brother
without making the other to suspicious. She reached between her legs and
inserted Jerrys 9inch member into her pussy again and Howard led himself
into her ass. She then started to move very wildly on both of their cocks
while mixing both fake screams with real moans of pleasure to add to her
brothers excitment. She then looked straight up into her brothers eyes and
licked her lips suductivly, with that her brother took off toward his room
looking slightly embarrased. She then returned her full attention to the
two cocks at hand. "Deeper Howy! Deeper in my ass, yes! Oh, boy, you know how to use
your cock, yes! Oh, fuck! Yes! It's such a big cock, right in my ass, right
there... Good!" "Your ass is great, Sal! So great! You know how to shake it, Sally,
you know all the tricks." Sally bent down to kiss her lover, Jerry greatfully accepted and
teased her toungue like she usually teased a cock. Finally she got hold of
his tougue and tied hers to it. They were probably locked together for what
felt like an hour all the while both men were plowing her furiously. "IM little nude lolitas gallery
GUNNA CUM!!!!!!" She screamed. Then it came all of her juices
flowed out onto hers and jerrys thighs and top lolitas free pics
all over jerry dick. For what
felt like an hour she cummed all the while Jerry and Howard kept pumping. "My turn!" shouted Howard and he pulled out and came around and
crammed his cock down her throat. She could taste her pussy and ass juices
all over it and she greedily accepted his cock and sucked it hard. Finally
he came sending squirt after squirt downher throat. She took every load
like an expert not letting a drop leave her mouth and swallowed topless teens lolita portal it all. She
kept it buried in her mouth licking it clean until he went soft then he
bent down to kiss her hard and whispered in her ear, "Thank you girl, you
are fantastic!" and with that Bent lower and deeply kissed Jerry which
Sally had never seen before and if she hadnt been so surprized she would
have come right then. Well after his deep kiss with her boyfriend he got up
wiped the saliva off of his mouth and got dressed and left to go home. She
was so surprized she forgot she had a dick burried deep in her. "Your turn juven sexy preteen lolita baby!" She said to Jerry after realizing where she was,
she swept her hair off her sweaty brow. She hopped off of his cock and bent
down to suck on it. She took the whole thing in her mouth and tasted the
full blast of all her pussy juices on it. She licked them off of all
8inches and his ball sack. Jerry moaned and instantly squirted all over her
face and tits. She put on a fake mad face at said, "Look what you've done!
Now your gonna lick it off!" Jerry just smiled and bent to lick her clean she moaned deeply and
grabbed his hair and pushed his face down into her pussy. "Lick!" He
happily obeyed. She was in extasy. Jerry was the best pussy eater she had
ever had. He gently nibbled her clit and then sucked it ever so lightly. He
then inserted one figer at a time into her pussy until all four were
in. God did that feel good! She moaned so loadly she was surprized the
little kids in comas at the hospital didnt wake up! "Put Thats it babe! Dont stop! Finger fuck me! Do it like a man!
Oh! Right there! Damn you have the moves to make Jenna Jameson Squeal!
OOOOOOOH!!!" With that she came. all over Jerrys fingers. But he never
stopped fucking and sucking. She came for 5whole minutes and was still
vibrating as she tried to make out the words, "That was amazing...You do it
like a god..." "Ok babe, I better go before your dad gets home, I'll see you
tomarrow...God I love you!" And he bent back down to kiss her. She licked
all her juices off his face and grabbed his cock. "I better see you tomarrow! You owe me...and bring back your
friend!" As he chcukled and left she suddenly remembered her brother..."well
I better make sure he there tomarrow when Jerry comes back"Part 2 to loli network links nude cum ;)If you enjoyed it please email me at tb_chuckhotmail.com with your
comments and helpful critisism it would help for the second chapter in this
story. thnk you for reading i hope you had fun reading it!
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